Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why "Turn Left at the Purple Mailbox" for the title?

Working with older adults (and I mean 80 year-olds and older) never ceases to entertain me.  Oftentimes as I am setting up an appointment to visit my families, they will give me directions to their house (despite my assurance that Google can get me there); and those directions will include some random landmark. That is where "turn left at the purple mailbox" originated. 

I consider myself blessed to get to walk alongside families as they navigate the elder care maze. I get to hear amazing stories of surviving the Holocaust, living through the depression, being a test-pilot for the Air Force, and raising families.  I wouldn't trade those stories for a new BMW; they have enriched my life and taught me invaluable lessons.  I hope I have given to those families at least a fraction of what they have given me.

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